Current Projects

Music Game (Currently unnamed game)

Current version: Alpha V1.3 (06/12 2012)


The objective of the game is to match the 10 bars' height with the green bar with the help of positive and negative weights. Positive weights lower the desired volume bar, negative weights raises the desired volume bar.
While you are doing that, music is visualized in those bars. This results in a ever changing map, that differs from every song you play. You get points depending on how close each bar is to the green bar.
While doing this, bombs will also spawn! Remove the bombs by moving the character into them before they hit the volume bars. Removing them gives you 100 points, missing them removes 500 points from you.
When the song ends, you will see your final score!

So basically:
Move the volume bars up and down with blue or red weights in order to match their height with the green bar.
Bombs will spawn! Move into the bombs to remove them.


A/D = Move left/right
W = Jump
S = Move quickly down when in the air
Up arrow key = Place Negative weights (Move the volume bar below up)
Down arrow key = Place Positive weights (Move the volume bar below down)