Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alpha V1.3 now available

It's been some time since last update because of school. But progress are made so that's a good thing! First off: SCREENSHOTS!

New walls in the level, making light more visible.

Well, it's a start...
New since last update:

  • New challenging song! It's bomb free and only lasts 28 seconds. But the bass pretty annoying...
  • Bombs are now removing either one blue or one red weight from the volume bar they hit. 
  • New game mode: Play without music and point! Many people who have played the game wanted to just fool around without any objective. It's now possible!
  • STATISTICS! When a song ends, stats are showing up! Now it's even funnier to beat your friends. Just make sure you write them down. I haven't made a local scoreboard yet.
  • Textures! Well only small part of the game has been textured. But its still pretty awesome.
  • Left and right walls are added to make more light effects.
  • The blue background visualization are moved to fit in with the walls.
Know "fails" that will be fixed in the next update:
  • If no bombs have spawned, the "Percentage of bombs destroyed" that shows up at the statistics screen will say 100%. Instead it should be removed if no bombs have spawned.


The game is now available to all Mac and Linux users! Yay!
Windows 32/64Bit (DirectX11 only):


A/D = Move left/right
W = Jump!
S = Move quick down
Arrow key UP = Spawn up weight / Remove down weight
Arrow key DOWN = Spawn down weight / Remove up weight

For fun in the "Play with no music" game mode:
NumPad 0-9 = Spawn bombs!

How to play

Instructions on how to download and unpack the game can be found here!
Instructions on gameplay can be found here!

Thank you! Peace out!

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