Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mini Jam #3 - The Overwatch

Last weekend (23/11-2012 to 25/11-2012) David Koch Gregersen and I were in Copenhagen again this time at Mini Jam #3 to make another game in 48 hours. This time, we teamed up with Kevin Jensen Petersen who made all 3D objects in the game. This time the theme of Mini Jam #3 was Anti-Computer.

Download the game !!MAC AND LINUX SUPPORT!!

Windows 32 Bit:
Windows 64 Bit:
Apple Mac:

Now that Unity 4 has been released, I am now able to port the game to Linux! You're welcome!
NOT tested on either Mac or Linux!


Move: WASD
Look around: Mouse
Take/Use: E or Left Click
Exit Game: Escape

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