Monday, November 5, 2012

Alpha V1.2

Here it is: Alpha 1.2!!!!
Some really awesome changes has been made since last update! Read about them all here, and download the game to try them out!
First, some screenshots:
A (fancy) menu has been added! You can now select between 2 songs

Points are now shown when added to your main points in the background

LOOK OUT! INCOMING BOMBS! Yep, that's right! Bombs has been added to the game!
Big changes since last version:

  • A small menu has been added. The menu gives the options of selecting between to songs.
  • A new song has been added! FantomenK gave me permission to use his song "A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission" in my game!
  • Points are now flying up everywhere. For every time you get points (Every half a second) text are showing up at every volume bar, telling how many points you just got.
  • BOMBS! Bombs are spawning with the beat of the song. You have to bump into the bombs in order to remove them. If they hit the volume bars, you will lose 500 points.
  • A background waveform has been added, giving the scene more life (More background effects are planned to be made).
  • Camera animation for when bombs are spawning. The camera will roll back when bombs are spawning, and back to normal when they are not.
Known bugs that will be changed in the next update:
  • Bomb explosion sounds also affect the volume bars and the background visualization.


The game can be downloaded right here:
The game can also be download along with all other builds by clicking the "Game Builds" link in the navigation box located top right on this website.


Left/Right = A/D
Jump = W
Weight up = Arrow key up
Weight down = Arrow key down


As said earlier, I got permission from FantomenK to use his latest song "A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission" in my game! You can listen to the track right here:
The other song, called "Xanax & Bluebird" are by OcularNebula on Check out the song here:

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