Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alpha 1.1!

So many changes since last time! Now it actually looks like a game! It's time for RW_AlphaV1.1!
Full screenshot of Unity

COLORS! The game is now lit up with colors changing range depending on music

The level is also backlit by orange light changing range depending on music. This gives the level an orange color around the volume bars as seen on the image above this one.
Big changes since last version:
  • Camera projection have been changed back to Perspective from Orthographic. I didn't like the 2D style, so I changed back to 3D. 3D gives more possibilities regarding effects :)
  • Colors and light! The game is now lit up with colors and light instead of the boring white light in the previous update.
  • POINTS! You can actually score points now! You get points depending on each volume bars' distance to the green middlebar. The closer it gets, the more points you get. You are given points every half second. Lots of points :P
  • Start animation. I have been playing around with Unity Animation and found the start camera animation pretty awesome ^^
  • New music!

So, what is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to match the 10 bars height with the green bar with the help of positive and negative weights. While you are doing that, music is visualized in the same bars. This results in a ever changing map, that differs from every song you play. You get points depending on how close each bar is to the green bar. When the song ends, you will see your final score!


You can download the RW_AlphaV1.1 right here:

How to launch the game

  1. First off, you have to unpack the .zip folder. Use either the build in program in windows or WinRAR or even a third program of your own choice.
  2. Make sure you have both the launcher (Build_AlphaV1.1.exe) and the data folder (Build_AlphaV1.1_Data) at the same place! If not, the program will show an error message.
  3. Open the launcher "Build_AlphaV1.1.exe".


The music used in this game is called "Xanax & Bluebird" by OcularNebula on Listen to the track right here:

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