Monday, September 3, 2012

Mini Jam #2 - Making a game in 48 Hours!

Mini Jam #2 - Schizophrenia


This is a two player game, made in 48 hours! It was made in Denmark by David Koch Gregersen and Steffen Hansen at a Game Jam called "Mini Jam #2" where you had to make a game in 48 hours together with about 6 other groups (about 20 other people).
Our game won as the best game of Mini Jam #2.

Story of the game:

You are inside a schizophrenic persons head. Therefore you have to controls both of his personalities safely though the memory clusters! Both personalities share the same memory, but some memory parts are corrupted and therefore only showing up in one of the personalities memories (represented as black bars in game) Help the person get though his memories!

Goal of the game:

Make it to the end of the map and avoid the spikes! Cooperate with your partner in order to complete the map!

Concept Art

Of course a lot of concept went into this. All this is drawn by David Koch Gregersen:

Early concept for level design

Early character design for the person whose head you'r inside!

Don't actually know what this is...

Default controls:

(These can be changed in the "Input" tab inside the configuration window before playing the game)
Player 1:
Jump = W
Left/Right = A/D

Player 2:
Jump = Arrow key up
Left/Right = Arrow keys left/right

Other controls:
Pause game = Escape
Restart to last checkpoint = R
Play around with the gravity = N (This is only for fun! Don't use it unless you'r just fooling around xD)


Game requirements:

ONLY SUPPORT for screens with 16:9 resolutions!
(If you got problems, please comment below)

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